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Intratec Tec-9 (Series) “New Design” Recoil/Striker”Assembly USA Mfg 2023


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Sorry it took so long.

We had trouble finding a welded who knew how to weld properly.

Upgrade the Recoil/Striker Buffering system in your Tec-9, Tec/DC-9, AB-10 to our improved Buffer/Striker Assembly

When the KG-99 was replaced by the Tec-9, the new platform design called for each recoil and striker rod to be crimped on one end.

The “crimped” end was then installed directly against the hard disk and every time a round was fired the crimped end cut into the buffer plate.

As should be expected from such a cockamamie system, eventually the disk split and the entire buffering system failed.

So what’s the difference? Our new rods have a round metal disk welded to one end. When installed the plates sits evenly against the round disk so now when a round is fired the back pressure is evenly spread out on the plate.

22 in stock

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